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Booking Form

Booking Form

Cattery Booking Form
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  • Please supply a contact for while you are away. Name and contact numbers. Or supply contact numbers for your holiday destination
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  • Please use this section for any special requests i.e. grooming requests
  • Please let us know any further information about your cat that you feel may be useful for us. i.e. Doesn't like being stroked on the head.
  • Essential Information

  • In the event of illness please select whether you would prefer us to contact your regular vet or our appointed vet, Towcester vets
  • Booking Terms Price includes food, heating, bedding, use of toys, insurance and all care. Vaccinations must be up to date and we need to see the vaccination record when you book in. In the unlikely event that your cat falls ill during our care we will seek immediate attention from your usual vet or our appointed vet, Towcester Veterinary Practice. We will also contact the appointed emergency contact. We are insured for £2000 per cat in our care, this insurance covers any new medical conditions that arise whilst at the cattery. Please ensure we are aware of any existing medical conditions and your usual veterinary practice details. Where cats from the same household are sharing a suite they will be monitored to ensure they are not experiencing any stress or aggression due to being in close proximity. In the event of stress or aggression we will separate the cats into different pens. We encourage you to bring bedding and toys to help your cat settle in and we will ensure that these items stay with your cat. We cannot be responsible for the condition the items are returned to you, due to your cat’s treatment of these items. Payment is due on or before collection of your cat(s) by cash or cheque or prior to collection via bank transfer to: NatWest Bank: Cosy Corner Cattery, account no. 28333640 sort code 602477 I/we agree to the booking terms set out above.
    I/we agree to the terms set out above



8 Berry Close, Rothersthorpe, Northampton NN7 3JQ


01604 833527 0r 07900 916175

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 10am to 12pm and 4.30pm to 6.30pm
Saturday 10am to 1pm
Sunday and Bank Holidays 10am to 11am

Price List

One Cat £10.50 per night
Two Cats £16.50 per night
Three Cats £21.50 per night
Four Cats £25.50 per night

Price includes accommodation, food, litter, use of bedding and toys and lots of cuddles.

Payment is due on collection, at the end of your cat’s stay. We accept cash, cheque or bank transfer.