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New Cattery Standards

Our Cattery has been designed and built to comply completely to the new standards as set out by the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health (CIEH) which were produced in association with the RSPCA, Cats Protection, International Cat Care, The British Veterinary Association, the British Small Animal Veterinary Association and the Pet Industry Federation.

These new conditions have a strong emphasis on cat welfare through better design and construction, professional management and record keeping and are a marked improvement from the previous guidance.

The old guidance for Catteries came from the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) and they would inspect catteries to ensure that standards were met. In 2010 this scheme was closed and the list is now no longer maintained. The standards that were used to measure FAB Listed Catteries have been superseded by the new CIEH guidance.

FAB re-modeled themselves as International Cat Care and were one of the consulting partners for this new guidance. This means that being FAB listed is no longer a sign of a good quality facility with high standards. It is out of date, no longer used and FAB no longer exist.

The CIEH guidelines were adopted by South Northamptonshire Council as the minimum required standards for all new cat boarding facilities that they licence from January 2015. Catteries built before this date are still subject to the old out of date guidance and have 3 years to reach the new standards.

The main reasons our Cattery matches or even exceeds the new guidance are:

  • All of our pens are designed with solid sides to each run. This ensures that there is no stress caused to your cat by seeing other cats in close proximity and reducing any chance of cross infection through fighting, spitting or sneezing.
  • All of our pens are larger than the recommended sizes. The old guidance also allowed some raised areas to count as floor space to make them seem bigger but the new guidance doesn’t.
  • All of our pens are completely seperate from the outside areas due to our safety corridor. This stops the chance of any escape and ensures that local cats or other animals that may choose to visit the garden and grounds can’t spread any infection to your cats while they enjoy their stay with us.
  • All of our pens have independent thermostatically controlled heating in the sleeping area to ensure that your cats have a warm and comfortable stay. The heating ensures that the temperature never drops below 10ºC and is usually set for 20ºC. The heating is on for 24 hours every day and your cats have access to the sleeping area whenever they wish.
  • None of our pens have any items that could allow for cross infection from previous occupants as all the surfaces and equipment can either be capable of being disinfected or can be disposed of. Many other catteries have bedding, carpets, furniture and toys which are kept in the pens that cannot be effectively sterilised leading to potential infection when the next cat uses them.
  • All our cats are monitored throughout the day and staff keep records of temperatures, amount and type of food eaten, use of litter, activity levels and so on. These records ensure that any changes in behaviour are noticed quickly and can be acted on immediately.
  • We have full standard operating procedures that staff follow regarding daily routines, cleaning schedules, long term boarders as well as company policies that ensure we act appropriately in the event of high temperatures, vaccinations and barrier nursing.
  • We have a nominated veterinary practice that is open 24 hours.
  • We are fully insured and we have a health and safety policy, a fire risk assessment, policies that cover long term boarders, high temperatures, low temperatures and infection and full cleaning routines to ensure that any risk is reduced and prepared for.

Please call us to arrange a visit, we are proud of our cattery and are happy to show it to anyone who is interested in cat boarding.

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