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Home Visits – Pet Feeding

Are you going away and need someone to check on your small pets? Do you need someone to come to your house and ensure that your that your pets are fed, watered and healthy while you are on holiday?

When you have several different animals a cattery may not suit all your requirements. At Cosy Corner Cattery we offer a home visit service to cover all your needs.


Our service includes one or two half hour visits per day where we give species-specific care. Our home visit specialist, Jasmine, has experience with many different animals. For cats, a visit usually involves feeding, cleaning out the litter tray, playing with, giving attention to and grooming if applicable.


For rodents and small mammals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters and rats, visits will involve cleaning out their cage or hutch, feeding, changing their water and some handling, depending on the tameness and comfort of your pet.


Jasmine also has experience with reptiles, and is well acquainted with the specific attention that they warrant. Reptile care involves cleaning vivariums or other setups, feeding (whether it is live insects, fresh vegetables or frozen/thawed mice), changing water and monitoring temperature and humidity as required for each animal.


With experience with such a variety of pets, we are happy to take care of anything – from pythons and land snails, to chinchillas and terrapins.

  • one half hour visit within 5 miles of Rothersthorpe: £8
  • two half hour visits within 5 miles of Rothersthorpe: £15
  • for every additional mile outside this radius, add an extra 30p to the price