Tel:01604 833527

Our Cattery

• Food and treats included
• Daily record keeping
• Special requirements catered for
• Daily cleaning of suites
• Photo updates on our Facebook page
• Collection and Delivery Service available
• 24 Hour Veterinary Service

Our staff are always on hand to deal with anything your cat should need whilst in our care.

Each suite has an enclosed sleeping area. This is thermostatically heated ensuring your cat will always be warm and cosy. We provide beds and soft bedding but you are welcome to bring your cat’s own bed for familiarity. A cat flap links the sleeping area to the exercise run.
The exercise run is where the cat’s food, water and litter trays are kept. We also provide toys and scratching posts for their entertainment. Each pen is equipped with shelves for climbing and relaxing. The shelves are staggered to allow access to all guests, including the young and the elderly. Guests are welcome to bring their own toys from home if they wish.


Each suite has shelves to explore and relax on. We also provide additional activities for our guests, our scratching posts have a den attached where cats can hide and relax and we have an assortment of toys available for play. All toys and scratching posts are cleaned between guests.
We spend quality time with each cat in our care as interaction relieves stress and boredom. We play with guests and have relaxed time handling and grooming.
We have pheromones available to help the more anxious guests settle in and relax, these are in the form of Feliway products.

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